The focus of American Divide centers on conversations highlighting the challenges that exist in every corner of America.  Emphasis on the social, economic and political divide will be a priority of American Divide’s principle platforms.  Produced by The Claver Group, two primary platforms (a blog space and a podcast), both entitled American Divide, will be used to discuss the divide in America.  Needless to say, the producer of American Divide welcomes thought from all along the spectrum.   American Divide is a space for expressing the core concepts in the conversations we have every day.

The Claver Group, you ask?  Webster’s Dictionary defines “claver” as an intransitive verb meaning: to talk long and idly; to chatter.  Isn’t that what we do every day?  Everyone has casual conversations with their friends, family or coworkers that may very well seem like idle chatter.  Sometimes it’s a matter of us simply voicing our opinions without any desire to win over those we are engaging.  Those conversations shape our identity.  They are examples of our experiences; expressions of our thoughts.  At other times those interactions are designed to specifically win over our listener.  American philosopher William James has said that “a great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices”.  The producer of American Divide will always strive to confront those prejudices.  As we confront our prejudices, we better understand them and can, therefore, engage in honest and objective conversations that help us grow.