Reconstituting Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria wasn’t the first time Puerto Rico was hit by a hurricane this year.  It’s also not the first time President Trump has engaged in an unnecessary Twitter war… Read more »

The Race of Coverage and Care

Once again, the Republican attempt to erase yet another part of Barack Obama’s legacy has failed.  The question has always been whether opponents are against Obamacare or the Affordable Care… Read more »

Coastal Conundrum

Hurricane Harvey has brought back terrible memories to many in its path.  Twelve years ago, nearly to the day, the Gulf Coast faced the wrath of Hurricane Katrina.  Thousands of… Read more »

A Question of Accomplishment

I spent my entire adult life in service to this country.  Military service, then civilian service in two federal agencies – U. S. Customs Service and Homeland Security Investigations.  Integrity… Read more »

The Hand of the King

Here’s a thought – will we see fewer leaks coming out of the White House after the departure of White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon.  We should ask ourselves if… Read more »