The Claver Group is dedicated to providing a platform to discuss the many ways Americans are connected yet divided. To reach that goal, different divisions of The Claver Group have been established in an effort to streamline our products and target our efforts to meet the needs of various audiences.


The Claver Group places enormous value on giving its audience an outlet to showcase its successes and voice its challenges and concerns. The American Divide blog is that space. To date, we’ve had only one principal blogger on this site. Moving forward the site will open to those wishing to tell their stories and share their ideas.

The early days of American Divide revolved around the politics of the day. Those days are behind us. By mid-2020 the introduction of a global pandemic took center stage, marking a great time to focus on a new direction.


Podcast production will begin soon under The Claver Group banner. Initial production focus will be about recovery and second chances and how both crosses generational boundaries.

318 a.m. Productions

The Claver Group concentrates on examination of a host of issues dividing American families. Our examinations will focus on the differences in education, poverty, employment, housing, healthcare and financial literacy. Our podcasting platform will allow a wider range of voices to reach the masses.

The Claver Group’s podcast production services offer a versatile and effective platform that can be employed to reach a nearly unlimited audience. In those cases where we partner with for-profit and non-profit entities with goals that mirror our own, these services can be instrumental in brand building and community involvement. Podcasts are also excellent tools for individuals wishing to share their journey. The Claver Group’s podcast production services provide the opportunity to build audiences and share the upside of our differences.